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LPG Cylinders

Available in different sizes, the LPG cylinders produced by Eurocamping can have capacities from 0.420 kg up to 5 kg, are all approved according to Directive 2010/35/EU T-PED, they are made entirely in Italy with high-quality materials and are customizable.


The Eurocamping LPG cylinders fall into different categories:

LPG Cylinders with 2010/35/EU T-PED approval – Manufactured and sold for the European market, they may also be manufactured with specific technical specifications required by the customer, they are all equipped with approved taps. Eurocamping customers are mainly wholesalers of the hardware, camping and leisure, household appliances sector, and LPG retailers.

LPG Cylinders with SASO requirements – Manufactured entirely in Italy to be sold in countries where SASO certification is required, these cylinders have allowed Eurocamping to spread its own word beyond national borders and to be recognised as an International leading brand in the production of quality LPG cylinders which are made in Italy.

LPG Cylinders for the international market – these cylinders, which are produced entirely in Italy are built in full compliance with the strictest standards in terms of quality and safety of the components.

For your safety, beware of any non-original product and any product of dubious provenance. Contact us for more information.