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LPG gas cylinders

LPG cylinders features

Eurocamping has been producing since 1975 containers used to carry LPG, refrigerants and air. The production is carried out in order to meet the demands of both the domestic market and international markets.

The LPG cylinders produced by Eurocamping, with a capacity of 0.420 kg up to 5 kg are made of top quality materials, and manufactured by selected certificates.
All of our products are entirely made in Italy, in full respect of the philosophy of appreciation of the Made in Italy that Eurocamping has set as its strength from the beginning.

The production of LPG cylinders is divided into two families: LPG cylinders with T -PED approval and LPG cylinders with SASO requirements.

The LPG cylinders with T -PED approval are sold in the European market and Eurocamping can manufacture them with particular technical specifications requested by the client. They are equipped with taps with safety valve, which can be customized with specific requests. This highlights the flexibility of production Eurocamping. We are a direct manufacturer and this let us offer customers the widest range of cylinders and containers on-demand.
Customers of reference are mainly wholesalers in the hardware industry, camping and leisure market, household goods, and LPG retailers.

The LPG cylinders with T -PED approval are all equipped with the mark Π. The LPG cylinders with SASO requirements are instead sold in countries where this type of standard is required, allowing Eurocamping to be recognized as the leading quality brand and pure "Made in Italy" since the seventies.

Eurocamping can implement any kind of model of cylinder or metal container intended to contain gas or air, for any reference market and with any required standard.

Eurocamping manufactures all LPG cylinders in full compliance with the most stringent standards in terms of quality of the components and in terms of safety; all cylinders are painted internally in our factories, respecting the quality of the painting process established by European regulations.

Eurocamping LPG cylinders are the only original and certified for your safety. Distrust all non-originals products and the ones with a dubious origin.