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Eurocamping at HOMI


Eurocamping will attend the second edition of HOMI, the recently redesigned trade fair held in the Halls of the Fiera Milano exhibition centre and due to start in autumn (from September 13 to 16, 2014). Defined by the people who created it as a “new, big Macef”, HOMI is an innovative Trade Fair designed to bring together the good tradition and experience of Macef to generate new interest for sectors targeting the home industry. HOMI no longer wants to just focus on aspects related to the house and accessories. It wants to offer an analytical point of view on everything associated with contemporary styles.

The project for the new event involves interiors, exteriors, comprehensive accessories and projects, with a programme designed around 10 macro-themes or areas of interest for public and exhibitors. New life and vitality is brought to furniture, air fresheners for the house, textiles, DIY, outdoor accessories, also with the support of new technologies and digital content. Indeed the website is not just some infrastructure at the service of visitors for information and contacts, but a technological hub to digitally experience the news from the Trade Fair thanks to an extensive archive of images and captions.

The aim is to provide continuity in terms of experience through the web to the visit at the trade fair, necessarily limited to the days of the exhibition calendar.

Figures seem encouraging in relation to the path taken. The first edition of HOMI held in January attracted 1,500 exhibitors on a surface of 80,000 square metres, while there were 94,000 visitors, 15% came from abroad. A definitely interesting audience for Eurocamping's range of products Made in Italy.